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ESPN Infographic: Luck vs RG3

April 29, 2012 by infographicworld

ESPN asked us to do an infographic comparing the college careers and numbers of the #1 and #2 overall picks in the NFL Draft: Stanford’s Andrew Luck and Baylor’s Robert Griffin III. This infographic breaks down their total careers stats, along with their combine numbers and other interesting stats about the 2 quarterbacks.

ESPN Infographic: NFL Draft

April 26, 2012 by infographicworld

For our latest infographic, ESPN asked us to do an in-depth look back at the history of the NFL Draft. There were some amazing facts and figures we found, covering everything from the best undrafted players, the change in guaranteed salaries over the years, as well as who the best early and late round picks …

Infographic Poll

April 18, 2012 by infographicworld

We teamed up with the amazing polling community of Sodahead to find out from you how you feel about infographics as a whole. Check out this poll to let your voice be heard and vote on the 8 questions. We’d love to hear your thoughts in there.

ESPN Infographic: Opening Day

April 4, 2012 by infographicworld

In our latest infographic for ESPN, we look back at the history of Opening Day for baseball.

BestEducationDegrees Infographic: High Schoolers Then and Now

April 2, 2012 by infographicworld

We take a fun look back at the differences between high schoolers 20 years ago and high schoolers of today. You might be surprised at some of the findings…

Infographic: The People Behind The Way We Live

April 2, 2012 by infographicworld

An infographic look back at the people who invented a lot of the things we use today.

ESPN Infographic: March Madness

April 2, 2012 by infographicworld

ESPN asked us to create an infographic looking into all of the fun revolving around March Madness. Below is our infographic for them celebrating the Madness.

Dice Infographic: SXSW

April 1, 2012 by infographicworld

Going into SXSW this year, Dice asked us to create an infographic poster for them that would be used to explain all the cool things they were doing at the event.