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A Peek Into The Pokemon Go Phenomenon

July 18, 2016

Watch out for Pokemon Go Players! They’re all over the place, with their faces glued to their phones in search of Pokemon. While the Pokemon has been around for decades, the new app is taking the world by storm. People from all walks of life are finding themselves under the enchantment of the game.

Within the first few weeks of it’s release, 7.5 million people downloaded the app to their phones. If that’s any indication as to the popularity of the game, then there could be well over 50 million downloads within the first 2 months.

So what’s so different about this app? One thing in particular is that it promotes exercise. People using the app have to get outside and move around in order to experience the game. Pokemon Go also brings people together by incorporating face to face “social media time”.

With all the good that comes with the game, there are some aspects that are dangerous. In a few states, people were robbed while playing Pokemon Go. One group was lured into armed robbery, and the other group was victimized while paying attention to their phones instead of their surroundings. There’s also the risk of increased car accidents, as people tend to focus on their screens more than the road.

Overall, Pokemon Go has been a hit for Nintendo, increasing the company’s market value by $9 billion within the first five days of its release. If you’re not a player, it’s definitely a game that you have to experience to understand. But beware, it’s addictive!

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Pokemon Go Phenomenon

93% for marketers use video

Whiteboard animations can used for a number of reasons: to introduce a product or service, to sell an idea, or even to teach customers how to use a software program. Some productions are mediocre, and others are absolutely astounding. Here are 12 of them that serve as perfect examples of how your business could use this type of video, and they’re really good!

Adobe Echo Sign

This whiteboard animation from Adobe explains their Echosign product in detail. It’s informative, and a great way to show customers how to  use the program without them having to read through pages of web material.

Elevations Credit Union

This classic whiteboard animation from Elevations Credit Union covers a topic that most people are far too familiar with; rising energy costs. Its’a fun video that homeowners everywhere can relate to, and does a good job of relaying the information in a short period of time.

Where Good Ideas Come From-Riverhead Books

Steven Johnson helps us to understand where good ideas come from in this informational whiteboard animation. It’s slightly longer than some of the others, yet interesting enough to hold your attention. A good example of how to produce a video that’s over 3three minutes long,  and still keep the viewers attention.

The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

This video goes deep into the science of what motivates us. It’s a longer piece, but one that makes you think. It features a classic whiteboard animation with a killer script.

Pad Mapper

Finding a new place to live doesn’t have to be a hassle. That’s the message portrayed here in this production by This animation is fun to watch, and is a prime example of how to introduce your business to the world.

DC HomeBuzz

DC Home Buzz delivers a targeted message to homebuyers with this high quality whiteboard animation. It features professional, crisp images and a a convincing script.  

Kitchen Sink Web Labs

Kitchen Sink Labs delivers a clear message in a short time frame. The animations flow well with the script, and it’s an ideal sales pitch whiteboard animation.

Born to Learn

This is an interesting piece all about how we learn. It’s well produced, and the script undoubtedly makes you think. With over 500,000 views, we’re not the only ones who enjoyed it.


Payment card compliance is definitely not an alluring  subject to most people, yet this video manages to hold your attention long enough to understand the subject. It explains the technology, without going too deep into the subject.

BPP Business School

This one is definitely not your typical whiteboard animation, but a good example of how you can go a bit fancy with your video. The moving animations give it an extra flair of excitement, and it’s just enough to hold your attention.


This fun and colorful animation is a good example of how to produce an explainer video in less than two minutes. The message is clear and concise, and highlights the consumer’s problem, making it easy for viewers to relate. covers the broad topic of marketing with this whiteboard animation. It’s highly informational, and an excellent sample of how to produce educational videos.  

Need Help Creating Whiteboard Animations?


8 Ways to Recycle and Reuse Content

October 1, 2015

blogging regularly increases traffic

Some days you just don’t have it in you to write another article or blog post. You may feel as if you’ve exhausted every means of a topic, or you’re just burned out with content marketing. When this mood sets in, the last thing you want to do is cut back on content creation. You still have an audience to cater to, and they’re always hungry for information. Instead, recycle and reuse some of your older content. Many new visitors probably haven’t read it before, and it’s fairly easy to put a new spin on what you’ve already written. Here are a few ways to transform something old into something new.

Checklists from Evergreen Content

Whether they’re short or long, people love checklists. They’re easy to scan through, and can be valuable to the reader if the information is relevant and accurate. Go back to some of your evergreen articles that share the same topics, and create a checklist. Try to have at least five items, but not more than ten. After ten bullet points, people tend to lose interest in the material. Readers are also more likely to share checklists via social media.

evergreen content drives traffic


  • Fact: 76% of blog traffic to Hubspot is contributed to readers viewing older posts.
  • Tip: Always link back to the original articles as reference points for your checklist. This will encourage readers to go back and review the older material, and is especially helpful for new visitors to your site.

Rerun Seasonal Articles

Seasonal articles are always a hit to recirculate on social platforms or blog sites. You can call them throwbacks, or whatever you like. Take the original content and add a new twist to it. Perhaps a product has been updated since that time, or you offer a new seasonal service that pairs well with the article. Don’t worry about current readers and content redundancy. By the time the holiday rolls around again, they will have already forgotten what you wrote, and you’ll have new readers that have yet to peruse the articles.


  • Fact: Percentage of moms who depend on technology to plan for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions: 53%.
  • Tip: Seasonal articles include holidays too. Use the recycled content to promote holiday sales, in addition to reviving older materials.

Update Content with New Facts and Data

Some of the content that you produce will need to be updated-whether it’s facts or other data, as information changes in certain niches almost daily. Check your archives and see where you can update and improve content, and repost that information for your readers. Use different colors or sections to highlight the updates and let readers know exactly what’s changed. Many bloggers and companies do this, and customers appreciate a website that takes the time to update their stats and data to remain relevant.

blogging regularly increases traffic


  • Fact: Companies that regularly blog see an average of over 50% more traffic to their site.
  • Tip: Always use reputable sources when adding new facts and data in your posts. Follow trusted industry blogs and websites, and check often for updates to your topic.


You can rest assured that old and new readers will welcome viewing your articles in a new perspective. Infographics are an efficient and engaging approach to this. Take the information in the article and find ways to incorporate stats and other facts. Catchy visuals and numbers will keep your readers interested, and help them to retain the information that you’re presenting. Infographics are also shared more often than basic articles and blog posts.

visual learners


  • Fact: 65% of people consider themselves visual learners.
  • Tip: Give readers the option to embed your infographic into their website.


Whether it’s an explainer video, or a short commercial, using video to engage your customers is a no brainer. When looking back at old content, extract the main points to highlight in your presentation. Write short explanations and make sure that you stick to the point. Your video script should be no longer than three minutes, or you risk the viewer getting antsy and clicking away. Compiling information from several pieces of content would also work with a video, specifically an educational piece about a product or service.

videos drive higher click through rates


  • Fact: Search results for video average a 41% higher click through rate than plain text.
  • Tip: You don’t have to tape footage to produce an effective video. Images, text and animation can be produced right on your computer, and is just as powerful as actual footage.


Some customers may not visit your website for daily updates, but they will take the time to read an email newsletter. Use old articles and content to fill portions of your newsletters. Insert a throwback area of the newsletter that features pertinent information that you’ve published before. The main thing to remember here is that the recycled content should always add value.

daily email users



Create a free eBook using older material, and throw in some fresh content as well. Readers will appreciate having all of the related material in one area, as opposed to having to search your site by tags and titles. Promote the book on the sidebar of your site, and in any marketing materials that you normally produce for the public. You could even sell the publication on sites like Amazon. Make sure that the information is top notch, and add plenty of pics and graphics to break up the sea of words.



Podcasts have become very popular over the years, and gives business owners a powerful platform for marketing. You could use older material to find topics to discuss, or to give out stats and facts to listeners. To make the show interesting, ask listeners to visit your site and review the material before listening. Tell them what the topic of the show will be, and create a big buzz about reviewing the materials and discussing it live.

itune podcast subscribers


The moment you create an original piece of content, you’re ultimately producing material several times over because of the ability to update and represent that same information. Aside from the tips listed here, be creative in using older material, and don’t be afraid of running customers away with redundant content. The key is to update what you already have and present it in a new fashion. Never repost anything word for word, and always look for a new angle. If you get this right, you’ll find that there’s an endless supply of content already in your possession, and content creation will get a bit easier as you go along.

25 Best Social Media Infographics Of All Time

September 15, 2015

visual content marketing 3

Social media has totally changed the way businesses communicate with customers. It’s where consumers drive the conversations, and companies have to keep up or get lost in the shuffle. If you’re unsure about how to get started using these outlets for the benefit of your business, here are 25 awesome social media infographics that will equip you with the knowledge and tools to become a social media rock star. Enjoy. 


Social Media Marketing Mistakes

If you’re new to social media, there are some mistakes that you definitely want to avoid. This infographic covers them in detail. You should especially pay attention to number three.


social media marketing 

Create A Social Media Calendar

It’s best to plan out your social media strategy. This graphic shows how a simple calendar can organize your posts, and help you put together a winning strategy.

social media calendar

How Men and Women Use Social Media Differently

Men and women are totally different when it comes to why they use social media. This graphic takes a fun look at how both genders interact online, and what they expect out of their communications.

how men and women use social media


56 Best Social Media Tools

Don’t know what tools to use to manage your social campaign? Here’s a large list of 56 tools that businesses of any size can benefit from. Some are free, so this works well for the solopreneur or startups on a tight budget.

56 social media tools

Create the Perfect Social Post

Creating the perfect social media post is a science. Quick Sprout covers that science in detail with this graphic. It’s a cheat sheet that can go a long way whether you’re starting out, or already running several campaigns.


Social Media Posting Tactics

Sometimes, your social media marketing strategy needs a bit of tweaking. Here are some helpful tactics that can enhance your campaign,  and enable you to gain a following that’s much more engaged than your current one.

social media posting tactics


Social Media Image Sizes

Images are a hit on social media, and creating them in the proper dimensions could mean the difference between getting likes and shares, or sitting quietly alone in the corner. This is infographic is a must view for anyone who markets their business online.

social media image sizes


Viral Share Secret Formula

It’s every business owner’s dream for their post to go viral, but what does that entail? This piece covers the basic elements of a viral post in detail.

social media viral share


Impressive Social Media Stats

If you’re not convinced that social media is a powerful tool for your business, then you definitely need to view this infographic. It covers some interesting stats that will make you change your mind.

social media 2014
by Digital Insights


Social Media in Emergencies

Social media isn’t just for sharing cute pictures of cats and babies. It most certainly comes in handy during an emergency. This talks about how social platforms are used during a crisis.

social media marketing emergency


History of Social Media

A brief, yet interesting history of social media.

history of social media


How the World Uses Social Media

Everyone spends their time online differently. This infographic takes a look at the social activities of users.

social media online

The Rise of Twitter and Facebook

How did Twitter and Facebook get to be the behemoths they are today? Here’s a growth comparison between the two; beneficial for anyone who even casually uses the platforms.

facebook twitter stats



Facebook Stats

You probably use Facebook everyday and don’t know these stats. Be sure to share them when you’re finished reading.

facebook facts


LinkedIn Engagement

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for B2B marketers, yet many businesses don’t use it at all. This graphic covers getting the best out of LinkedIn and increasing your engagement.

linkedin engagement



Social Media and the Real Estate Industry

Real estate agencies can benefit greatly from using social media. Here’s how the industry currenly uses these platforms.

social media real estate


Facebook Relationships

What happens when you mix relationships with Facebook? Here’s an entertaining look at how Facebook affects your relationship. Any truth in this for you?

facebook relationships


Ideal Length for Social Media Posts

Ever wonder how some companies just seem to have the right amount of information in each social post? Well, it’s a science. This piece covers it in detail. Read and learn.

social media length


Science of Social Timing

Social timing is everything, especially when you have a business to run. Use this graphic to learn how posting at the right times can help boost your post views, and perhap your followers.

social media timing


Creating Visual Social Media Content

Visuals are just as important as text on social media. Here’s another awesome piece on how to create stunnung social graphics that attract more likes and shares.

visual content



Optimal Social Media Posting Times

If you plan to be successful with social media, you definitely need to know the optimal posting times. This infographic has got you covered.

best time to post on social media

Hidden Social Media Features

So, you think you’re a social media power user? Test your skills with this infographic that reveals some pretty neat hidden features. Which ones weren’t you aware of?


Social Media by Demographic

You can’t use the exact same posts for each social network and expect to see results. This handy graphic reminds you that each platform is different, and teaches you how to uniquely interact with them.

social media preferences


Evolution of Social Media

Ever wondered how all this social media stuff got started anyway? Here’s a cool graphic that highlights the humble beginnings.

history of social media

visual content marketing - featured

visual content marketing - featured


When most people hear the term visual content marketing, they automatically think of product or explainer videos. Now, those are certainly great examples, but there are several other ways to market your content visually, and in fact, it’s best to diversify your methods. You want customers to remain interested in your brand, and to anticipate your next creative piece. Here are some familiar, and perhaps some not so familiar ways to add visuals to your content marketing arsenal.


Video is a powerful marketing tool. Whether it’s a short piece focused on how your company started, or a longer one highlighting the benefits of your product or service, this is an excellent way to speak to the masses. When creating your video, there are a few things to remember in order to keep the viewers interested. First, stick to the point and always make sure that the video is as short as possible. The average web user will only pay attention if the piece is no longer than 3 minutes. Try to inject some humor into the presentation, and check out what your competitors are doing.

visual content marketing 1


  • Fact: Viewers who “like” a company’s video online are over 90% more likely to make a purchase from that company in the future.
  • Tip: Shorten your video by writing down the key points that you want the viewers to walk away with, and only present that information in the production.


You can rest assured that if people feel they’ve learned something from you, they’re more likely to do business with you. Sometimes, that can be hard to accomplish with an article, and that’s where infographics can play an important role in marketing. They’re great for presenting all sorts of information and data in a visually pleasing manner that people can easily digest. Use them on your blog, and make sure you give readers the capabilities to embed them onto their own sites. This could lead to more visitors and potential customers. Infographics can be short or long, and should always focus on a single subject. There are programs that will allow you to create your own, or you can hire a company to produce one for you. The main thing to remember is that the content is just as important as the visuals. You need a good writer on hand that can relay your company’s message in the right tone.

visual content marketing 2


  • Fact: Search volumes for infographics increased 800% in just over 2 years.
  • Tip: There are several DIY infographic platforms for beginners or business owners on a budget.


If you use any social media platform, you’ve encountered a few memes, if not dozens per day. They’re the images that are sometimes overlaid with quirky text that captures people’s attention. Using these in your marketing strategy can be very beneficial if you are consistent with the look and brand. Your messages should be helpful to your audience, and the graphics should not overpower the text. There is a proper balance of both text and images in good memes. That’s what makes them professional, eye-catching, and good for marketing. Use services like Pic Monkey to create quick graphics to share on all of your company’s social platforms.

visual content marketing 3


  • Fact: 74% of adult internet users regularly use social networking sites.
  • Tip: Do not overuse memes with social media. Daily can be too much. Shoot more towards 2-4 times per week.


Quotes without images are just as good as memes, if the message is powerful and relevant. There are several websites that house meaningful quotes, or you can be creative and come up with a few of your own. The point is to use the quote to give the readers an idea of what your company stands for. Comedic quotes are also popular, and help to break up the monotony of constantly posting text. Again, you can use these in social media, or pop a few in the middle of a long, serious blog posts. A simple colored background is all that’s needed.


  • Fact: Graphic posts account for 87% of Facebook interactions.
  • Tip: Use quotes that inspire, but are also relevant to your business niche.


Animation gives a lightheartedness to your product or service. These are great for explainer videos, intros and other types of video marketing. These aren’t as easy to create as memes and quotes, but they’re very powerful and can be used for a variety of marketing purposes, including sales, consumer education, and branding. The key to getting this right is to make sure that the script is rock solid. Don’t try to sell the viewer on too many things in your animation. As with regular videos, short animations work well. Remember the 3-minute time limit.

visual content marketing 4


  • Fact: Animated videos can increase conversion rates by 20% or more.
  • Tip: Save money on your video by writing the script, and having it professionally edited, as opposed to hiring a writer.

Interactive Infographics

Interactive infographics gives viewers a reason to stay on your page longer, and keeps them engaged while they’re there. When creating or planning these, make sure that the interactive portion reveals data or other information that is not displayed in the general area of the piece. As with the infographic, the content here is just as important as the images, so take the time to write something engaging to accent the interactive areas of the piece.


  • Fact: The brain processes visual information 60,000x faster than text.
  • Tip: The interactive portion of your graphic needs to operate properly or you risk frustrating and ultimately losing viewers. Test this thoroughly before releasing it on your website.


Businesses use Slideshare to teach, entertain, and to sell. Use existing articles to create a presentation, or write new content. Slideshare graphics can be stock images that work well with the content being displayed. Just make sure that they’re high quality, and interesting. You can also tweak them a bit with Photoshop to make them unique. The key to a successful Slideshare is to make sure that it looks professional, meaning that it follows a particular format, and offers valuable information.

visual content marketing 6


  • Fact: In 2013, Slideshare received 60 million visitors per month
  • Tip: Your presentation doesn’t have to be long to be effective. 6-10 slides is enough to get your message across.

Original Pictures and Images

Whether it’s an image of a flower that you took on your way to the grocery store, or an image of some materials that you sell to customers, originality is always best. Make time to go out and take pictures that are related to your business: pictures of your building, letterhead, business neighborhood, etc. Take pictures of people reading your material; anything that sets you apart from the millions of people online that are all using the same stock images. Use these in your newsletters, welcome emails, websites, social media channels, and wherever else you see fit to market.

visual content marketing 5


  • Fact: Articles that contain graphics are viewed 94% more than those without graphics/images are.
  • Tip: Use keywords in the alt tags of your images to give your site an extra SEO boost.


Your marketing arsenal should include several types of visual content to engage customers online. The more you diversify your content, the better your chances of capturing leads from numerous sources. If this is all new to you, start small and experiment with visuals that you can create independent of any professional designers or writers. Once you get your feet wet, you’ll have a better idea of the types of content that your customers will respond to.

20 Must Read Slideshare Presentations on Content Marketing

August 17, 2015
IN: content marketing Slideshare

slideshare powerpoint presentation

slideshare powerpoint presentation

Effective content is an essential part of any online marketing strategy. We’ve tracked down 20 powerful SlideShare PowerPoint presentations that cover this topic in detail.

The Content Marketing Imperative

Content marketing is not just blogging helpful tips and tricks. It also includes sharing compelling stories that readers are drawn to. This SlideShare covers the importance of storytelling, and how audiences engage with this type of material; a great piece to reference when building a brand.

Why Content Marketing Fails

With over 1.2 million views, this is a popular piece that marketers and business owners absolutely must read. It covers the basics of why so many fail at content marketing, and how to reverse the cycle. In it, Rand explains how SEO and content marketing work hand in hand, and gives examples that business owners can model.

How Search Has Changed and How Marketers Tactics Must Shift

Content marketing and SEO go together like peanut butter and jelly. This SlideShare PowerPoint presentation covers the changes that have occurred in SEO over the past few years, and gives basic tips on how to implement them into your content marketing strategy.

Content Marketing Organizational Chart

Sometimes advice comes in the simplest form, and that’s exactly what you get with this content marketing org chart. It gives an example of how you can organize your content team for maximum production and efficiency. It’s only one slide, but that’s all it takes to drive the point home with this one.

Content Marketing in 15 Minutes a Day for Restaurants

Restaurant owners are busy people, but they still need to spread the word about their business and keep customers engaged. This  piece is a phenomenal overview of how restaurants can spend a few minutes each day on content marketing, and get  exceptional results over time.  

29 Content Marketing Secrets

Published way back in 2012,  presentation remains relevant and powerful. It gives useful information on how to enhance your content marketing strategy and attract more customers. One of the “secrets” include providing content that’s centered around the customer, not your business.

Visual Content Marketing Strategy

Studies show that people share more stories and posts online when they’re visually engaging. This piece is all about visual content marketing, and gives some awesome ideas on how to spruce up your images, and find new ways to inject artwork into your content.

Epic Content: 7 Insights

The Content Marketing Institute is known for producing highly engaging content and this presentation is no different. It teaches businesses how to utilize their media channels to gain new customers, and keep the old ones; something that all entrepreneurs  would be interested in reading.

Create a Content Marketing Strategy Your Customers Will Love, In 7 Steps

Many business owners  produce content that no one wants to read, and that’s just as bad as not producing any at all. This Slideshare PowerPoint presentation delivers a strategy  that helps define your purpose, target your customer, and ultimately increase your revenue.

60 Content Predictions for 2015

It’s always interesting to find out what industry leaders foresee with content marketing in the future. This piece covers 60 content marketing predictions for 2015, and some of them are actually right on the money, like the increase in businesses producing longer, more engaging posts.  

Digital Marketing Trends 2015

Here’s another insightful list for digital marketing trends in 2015. It’s an interesting presentation because it focuses on tools that businesses can use to distribute content, and shows how technology supports content marketing.

The Other C Word; What Makes Great Content Marketing

Ever wondered why some blog posts get millions of shares and likes, while others sit quietly in the corner waiting to be asked to dance? This piece uncovers the secret ingredient to making your content engaging, and that ingredient starts with a C.

How to Build SEO Into Content Strategy

This highly entertaining and engaging SlideShare shows why content marketing and SEO are so closely intertwined. It challenges some of the myths centered around SEO, and is a great read for businesses looking to increase their reach online.  

Build. Better. Content

This presentation gives valuable information on how to build better content. It’s insightful in defining what content marketing should be, and how you can become better at building your brand and producing material  that meets the needs of your customers.

Crap. The Content Marketing Deluge

Could we be headed into trouble with all of the content being produced today? Is there a bubble and will it soon burst? This SLideShare tells us what’s bound to happen with the future on content marketing and how to protect your brand when everyone else sinks.

How to Produce Better Content Ideas

One of the hardest things that businesses have trouble with is coming up with content ideas. In this piece, Mark Johnstone shares some creative tips on how you can keep your audience engaged with different types of material.  

Fix Your Really Bad Powerpoint

Powerpoint presentations are an engaging form of content marketing, but many people lack the skills and experience to create great slides. This piece teaches you how to enhance your presentations to make them highly informational and exciting for the viewer.

Craft the Perfect Posts for the Big 3 Social Networks

If your business shares content on social media, then you need to know how to properly engage readers with your information. Hubspot does as great job of showing how social networks all differ, and how the content shared on each platform must be presented in a unique manner.

7 Tips to Beautiful Powerpoint

Your visual content marketing strategy probably includes some powerpoint presentations. This Slideshare teaches you how to make those slides awesome and interactive; a must read for entrepreneurs and businesses that plan to use Powerpoint anywhere with their marketing campaigns.

10 Quick Content Marketing Tips

This short presentation packs a powerful punch. It covers ten useful content marketing tips, along with the reasons why they work. It’s just bite sized enough to consume on the go, and yet deliver some valuable information that easy to implement today.

micro content featured

Face it-not everyone that visits your website is interested in thoroughly reading your 2000 word articles. In fact, most people don’t actually read them, but they instead skim through and pick up bits and pieces of key information. This is done for either one of two reasons, one being that the reader just doesn’t have time. The other, and more common reason, is that their attention span just won’t allow them to. When you’re dealing with the latter, it’s important to be able to deliver content in a direct manner, and this means keeping it short and sweet. Here are a few ways you can do that without sacrificing creativity.




Mini-graphics are short infographics or interactive graphics that focus on a single fact or piece of data. These are best used for quickly disseminating information to readers short on time and attention. Mini-graphics are most employed on social media, but they are just as effective when used on a company’s website or blog (here’s an example of a post utilizing mini graphics). The key to capturing the reader with the short attention span is to focus on one key piece of information, and to use images that are eye catching and relevant to the material that you’re sharing.

infographic attracts 12% more traffic

  •  Fact: Content that includes infographics attracts 12% more traffic than text articles and posts.
  • Tip: Minigraphics are easy and inexpensive to create. Use them several times per week in your content marketing strategy to quickly deliver tidbits of important information.


Short Lists


When dealing with short attention spans, short lists can be just what the doctor ordered. While producing this type of content, use a maximum of five bullet points to cover, and always use the number in the headline (5 Reasons to Get Up Early, 3 Most Shocking Things You’ll Do Today, etc). Shorter lists tend to have meatier content– meaning it gets straight to the point and has little to no fluff. As a typical rule, 300-400 words is the max for this type of post, and one image is all that’s needed.

 1 in 5 people click beyond headline

  • Fact: Number of readers that click beyond a headline:1 in 5
  • Tip: Make sure your headline is well written to maximize readership.  


How to Articles


How to articles can also be short and sweet. Be sure to clearly present each step, and only use material that is relevant to the topic (in other words, no fluff). Always use an active voice when writing how-to pieces, and consolidate steps in the process whenever possible. If you can turn a ten step post into a five step post, by all means do so. Readers will appreciate your respect of their time, and will more than likely return to your website in the future. Remember,when people look for how-to articles, they want to quickly find what they need, and move on.

4% of pageviews last more than 10 mins

  •  Fact: Only 4% of pageviews last more than 10 minutes.
  •  Tip: Whenever possible, use custom images and graphics for how-to articles.


Tips and Tricks


Another type of article that people with limited time and attention spans enjoy are tips and tricks. These are typically short by nature, as no one wants to read 2000 words of helpful hints when they’re in the middle of trying to solve a problem. The key to making this work is to think like the reader. Ask yourself if you were in their situation, what would you look for, and how would you want the information presented to you. Your tips and tricks content should be educational, and offer some not-so-common advice. Keep the 300-400 word limit in mind, and only address one problem or issue per post.

 visitors only read 28% of a blog post

  • Fact: Visitors only read about 28% of a blog post.
  • Tip: To cover an issue that requires longer, more in depth content, break the post up into sections, and feature one section on specific days of the week.  


FAQ Articles


If you find that customers are asking the same questions about your product or service, create a FAQ section on the website, and then a weekly FAQ blog post that deals with a specific issue in more detail. This would be highly beneficial for readers that want answers to a specific question, and does not take a lot of  time for you to produce. You could also create a mini-graphic to go along with the post to add some visual appeal. Readers will more than likely share the infographic than the article if it’s helpful and contains information that they were looking for.

attention span dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds

  • Fact: The average attention span for adults dropped from 12 seconds in the year 2000, to 8 seconds by 2013.
  • Tip: An FAQ blog post could be no longer than 200 words.


Social Media Posts


Businesses have finally began to realize that social media is beneficial for much more than promoting a product or service. People look to these platforms as a resource for all sorts of information, including educational and entertaining content. Use your social channels as a way to give customers an update, or to share valuable pieces of information about your business. It’s a great way to deliver a message without having to create an entire article, and definitely fits the definition of micro-content. Make sure that you promote your social channels on the company website, and have some content that is exclusive to these platforms (meaning visitors will need to follow you on social media to have access to the material). This exclusivity will help to increase social media traffic.


  • Fact: Baby Boomers are the most rapid growing age group among Twitter users.
  • Tip: Don’t try to be everywhere at once. Find out what social channels the majority of your readers use, and focus on producing content exclusively for them.


Experiment with different types of micro content, and don’t be too shy to ask readers what they prefer. Conduct a poll to find out if they favor graphics, video, or text. You may be surprised at what you learn, and you’ll gain the trust of your readers by asking their opinions.


Getting a reader with a short attention span to remain on your site can be tricky, but it’s definitely doable. Use these tips to help you produce content that’s easy to digest, and solves a specific problem. If you’re not going to add images, remember that micro-content in text form should top off at around 300 words. Images and graphics should be small, and target one key piece of information.


10 Examples Of Effective Video Marketing

August 11, 2015

visual content marketing 1

visual content marketing 1

Video marketing is effective, regardless as to what type of business you operate. Both animated pieces and live action productions attract views and interest, and the type of video you produce varies according to your company, and the message you want to deliver. Let’s look at some video marketing examples across several facets of business to get an idea of how you can implement this into your marketing strategy.


Smart RX Systems
One minute and fifty seconds is all it took for this pharmacy group to show how they are a few steps ahead of their competitors. It’s short and sweet, and highlights the important features of their proprietary software program that makes them unique. It’s an engaging piece, and a great example of how healthcare companies can utilize video marketing.

Olympus Medical and Dental Management
This short video is aimed at doctors and healthcare facilities that need help managing their Accounts Receivables (AR) and insurance denials. The production is successful in showing how they are able to help, and why they’re the best choice for managing this area of a practice. Interesting way to highlight an otherwise mundane service offering.


Many start up Software as a Service (SaaS) companies launch their products with explainer videos like this one by Freshbooks. Video marketing for these types of companies is a great way to highlight the benefits of the product and engage potential customers. It’s brief and to-the-point, which also makes it effective for people with short attention spans.


Wendy’s Micro Content
This 15 second spot is just enough to spark the viewer’s interest. It’s not too long, and draws interest because it’s shot from the viewpoint of the consumer. This is an excellent example of how such a short piece can deliver a large amount of interest. Since its release in April 2015, its received over 800,000 views on YouTube.


Whitehorsrse City Council
Who gets excited about a city council meeting? You will after you watch this video. This is a creative way to showcase an event that many people would find uninteresting. It’s short, and gives the viewer a feeling that something exciting will happen at the meeting. Now, whether or not the council delivers on this assumption is a different story. Cool video for sparking interest though.

Real Estate Agencies

Stockworth Realty Group Million Dollar Homes
Stockworth Realty does a great job of featuring a very expensive home for sale. It’s a well-produced piece that highlights the home’s best features. This type of video is an effective way to engage homebuyers, and draw attention to properties that may not be getting as much attention. A good example of how real estate companies can utilize video marketing.

Walker Weir Property Management
Here is another real estate video marketing sample piece. This animated production features the services offerings of a property management company. It explains the benefits of using their service, and is clearly targeted to real estate investors. Interesting way to approach the property management business.

Financial Institutions

Vibrant Credit Union
This short but fun production appeals to the lighter side of customers by focusing not on the credit union’s services, but on the cheerful personalities of its employees. It’s a great attempt to set themselves aside from the competition say “Hey, we’re fun people, and we promise to take care of you”. That type of message is always well received.

Vistarra Credit Union
Quite a convincing piece, this one is educational and entertaining. It explains how an ITM machine is better than an ATM machine. It’s probably a question that they often get from customers, and decided to address the issue with a video. This is a clever way to answer customer questions. How could you implement this type of video into your marketing strategy? Think FAQs.


Easter Seals
Here’s a fun example of how a nonprofit that deals with serious issues can add a bit of humor to their video marketing campaign. Watch as Easter Seals addresses adjustment problems among veterans in a lighthearted manner. It’s both entertaining and informative.


15 Amazing Infographic Resumes To Inspire You

August 6, 2015


Move over boring, white, text-only resume. There’s a new sheriff in town, and it’s the infographic resume. These stunning, informative graphics are fun to read, and do a much better job of capturing the viewer’s interest. If you’re looking for a way to boost your job search or wow potential clients, here are some awesome samples of how you can turn your outdated, traditional resume into a powerful marketing machine.


Simple and Straightforward

A great example of a simple infographic resume, this design would work for any industry. It includes all the basics that you would find in a traditional CV, and the layout is simple to follow. Also, the color scheme is both easy on the eyes, and attention grabbing.

Simple Infographic Resume


Fancy Creative

Fancy fonts paired with crisp colors makes for a memorable graphic. This one is creative, and captures the basic elements of an infographic, with a focus on the numbers and stats. Adding a personal picture brings the piece to life, and gives readers a comprehensive view of the applicant.

creative infographic resume


Powerful and Authoritative

This resume screams power and authority, primarily because of the color. It’s not too dark, but just deep enough to give the piece an authentic feel. The designer uses powerful text and minimum graphics, and each section is intriguing enough to hold your interest.

powerful infographic resumes


Colorful and Vibrant

Who says infographic resumes have to be all about the stats? What makes this piece interesting is that it’s colorful, vibrant, and yet simple. Hiring managers who may not be as accepting of nontraditional resumes could view this as a safe alternative. The shadows behind each color block gives the graphic depth, but doesn’t take away from the information that readers need to focus on.

colorful example infographic resume


Fit for a Designer

This could easily be considered a must-follow template for any designer’s infographic resume. It has a personality of its own, yet it covers all the basics that you expect to find in a CV. Bursting with creativity, it’s not too over the top, and offers a principal layout that anyone could follow.

designer infographic resume


Modest Creative

Even if you’re not a designer, this one is simple to put together, and yet distinct enough to impress a hiring manager. It’s informative, and covers all the main points. The graphics are minimal, and the information is presented in a clear and coherent manner; a good example of how the slightest application of visual elements can enhance any document.



Custom Feminine Flair

This resume has a feminine feel and a custom look. It’s an engaging piece with clear focus and direction. Each section flows together, making it easy to visually move from one area to the other and get a well-rounded account of the applicant’s skills and accomplishments.

feminine infographic resume


Minimalist Perfection

With a crisp, minimalist feel, this infographic resume is both descriptive and alluring. By adding icons in the header section and going with an all white background, the image feels more like a web page than a document. It’s clearly a piece that was well planned and beautifully executed.

minimalist infographic resume

The Wow Factor

This graphic has a lot going on, but the layout is focused and elegant. The white background helps to minimize the clutter, and the pastel colors contribute an airy, fresh appearance. The picture gives it the professional touch, and adds to the value of the text; an example of what a professional infographic resume should look like.



Fun and Quirky

Your infographic resume should be a reflection of your personality, and that’s exactly what we find with this piece. It’s quirky and playful, but includes all of the details that employers would need to make a hiring decision. The bright colors aren’t too overwhelming, but instead add to the uniqueness of the graphic. The owner’s picture also fits the vibe of the piece.



Highly Creative and Energizing

Full of energy and creativity, this infographic resume gets two thumbs up. The content is well written, and displays the owner’s entertaining personality. It contains beautiful typography, and a simple white background that allows each element to stand out; perfect resume to show off your design capabilities.

creative and energizing infographic resume


Classic Infographic Feel

The designer for this piece successfully implemented the classic infographic appeal into a resume. It contains all the traditional infographic elements including graphs and stats, and gives a detailed account of the owner’s background. It has an attractive color scheme, and the images aren’t too overpowering; an excellent sample of how to take turn a typical CV into a conventional infographic.




Unique, Whimsical

This playful piece speaks volumes about its owner. It has an interesting mix of fonts, and a pleasant color palette. Highly informative and professional, it emphasizes the important details of the applicant’s capabilities, and it’s’ obvious that design is his strong point. Any client or hiring manager would find this one hard to pass up.

whimsical infographic resume


All the Right Details

The content of an infographic resume is just as important as the images. This example shows that it’s possible to scale down the images to ramp up on the details. It’s a simple graphic that packs a powerful punch, as readers are presented with a well packaged account of the owners experience and skills. This would work for any industry, and would be particularly suiting for a corporate position.


detailed infographic resume


Gorgeous and Uncomplicated

We saved the best for last. This piece embodies the definition of an infographic resume. It’s interesting to read, fun to look at, and gives a detailed account of the owners design experience. The colors blend well together, and clearly show that the designer put time and effort into the flow and feel of the document.

gorgeous infographic resume


These are just a few examples of how you can transform your resume into an attractive piece of art. Still don’t believe that this will enhance your job search? Try it out, and be sure to come back and leave a comment after you land that dream job 🙂

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Video Marketing: 5 Companies That Did It Right

August 3, 2015

visual content marketing 4

visual content marketing 4

Whether you’ve embraced it or not, video marketing is here to stay. It’s effective, engaging, and an easy way to consume content. Viewers love it, and marketers are getting much better at producing videos that convert tire kickers to brand ambassadors.


So why haven’t you jumped on the bandwagon? Could it be that you don’t think your business is ready for increased exposure? Or is it just that you don’t have the skills to do this on your own? Whatever the reason, don’t let it become an excuse. Video marketing is essential for your business growth and branding. It’s powerful, and it works.


Still not convinced? Let’s take a deeper look. In this piece, we’ll cover video marketing case study of 5 companies that did it right and how they managed to go viral.

Dollar Shave Club

Key Challenge: Increase Brand Awareness
Results: 12K new orders within 2 days of launching the video campaign

Known today as a fierce and innovative competitor, Dollar Shave Club (DSC) was once a D player in the men’s-grooming niche. It wasn’t until 2012 that DSC catapulted their brand awareness with the humorous and memorable “Our Razors Are F*cking Great” campaign. Within two days of releasing the video, the company received 12,000 new orders. To date, it has been viewed over 19 million times, awesome example of the power of video marketing.


Key Challenge: Product Education
Results: 900K views each month from 2011-2012

The well-known file sharing company, Dropbox, also experienced massive growth partly due to video marketing. Although the video has since been removed from the home page, it attracted roughly 900,000 views each month between 2011 and 2012. It offered a simple explanation of how the software worked, and how businesses and everyday users could benefit. Dropbox has over 100 million users today. The original video is similar to this one.

Crazy Egg

Key Challenge: Product Education
Results: Increased conversions by 67%, and revenue by $21K per month

For the average person, there’s really nothing exciting about the mechanics of website analytics, and the process can be hard to explain. That’s the problem that Crazy Egg experienced with selling their analytics program. The platform was flawless, but they needed a simple way to showcase its features and explain the benefits of use. In the end, the explainer video was a hit, as they increased revenue by $21K per month, and conversions by a whopping 67%.

Fisher Price

Key Challenge: Increase Brand Awareness
Results: Nearly 2 Million YouTube Views

Fisher Price wanted to boost brand awareness with this heartwarming piece. It features new moms in different stages of labor and delivery on New Year’s Day, expressing their best wishes for their newly born. The video did more than increase brand awareness, as it drew tons of media attention. To date, this video has been watched on YouTube nearly two million times.

Invisible Children: Kony 2012 Video

Key Challenge: Spread Awareness of Conflict in Uganda
Results: $26 Million raised in donations, and 100 million YouTube views

This controversial video marketing campaign sheds light on political conflict in Uganda. It was an emotional piece that captured tons of interest from the very beginning. Kony 2012 turned out to be one of the most viral videos in history and helped earn the non-profit $26 million dollars in donated funds. The video has been viewed over 100 million times.

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