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20 Must Read Slideshare Presentations on Content Marketing

August 17, 2015
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Effective content is an essential part of any online marketing strategy. We’ve tracked down 20 powerful SlideShare PowerPoint presentations that cover this topic in detail.

The Content Marketing Imperative

Content marketing is not just blogging helpful tips and tricks. It also includes sharing compelling stories that readers are drawn to. This SlideShare covers the importance of storytelling, and how audiences engage with this type of material; a great piece to reference when building a brand.

Why Content Marketing Fails

With over 1.2 million views, this is a popular piece that marketers and business owners absolutely must read. It covers the basics of why so many fail at content marketing, and how to reverse the cycle. In it, Rand explains how SEO and content marketing work hand in hand, and gives examples that business owners can model.

How Search Has Changed and How Marketers Tactics Must Shift

Content marketing and SEO go together like peanut butter and jelly. This SlideShare PowerPoint presentation covers the changes that have occurred in SEO over the past few years, and gives basic tips on how to implement them into your content marketing strategy.

Content Marketing Organizational Chart

Sometimes advice comes in the simplest form, and that’s exactly what you get with this content marketing org chart. It gives an example of how you can organize your content team for maximum production and efficiency. It’s only one slide, but that’s all it takes to drive the point home with this one.

Content Marketing in 15 Minutes a Day for Restaurants

Restaurant owners are busy people, but they still need to spread the word about their business and keep customers engaged. This  piece is a phenomenal overview of how restaurants can spend a few minutes each day on content marketing, and get  exceptional results over time.  

29 Content Marketing Secrets

Published way back in 2012,  presentation remains relevant and powerful. It gives useful information on how to enhance your content marketing strategy and attract more customers. One of the “secrets” include providing content that’s centered around the customer, not your business.

Visual Content Marketing Strategy

Studies show that people share more stories and posts online when they’re visually engaging. This piece is all about visual content marketing, and gives some awesome ideas on how to spruce up your images, and find new ways to inject artwork into your content.

Epic Content: 7 Insights

The Content Marketing Institute is known for producing highly engaging content and this presentation is no different. It teaches businesses how to utilize their media channels to gain new customers, and keep the old ones; something that all entrepreneurs  would be interested in reading.

Create a Content Marketing Strategy Your Customers Will Love, In 7 Steps

Many business owners  produce content that no one wants to read, and that’s just as bad as not producing any at all. This Slideshare PowerPoint presentation delivers a strategy  that helps define your purpose, target your customer, and ultimately increase your revenue.

60 Content Predictions for 2015

It’s always interesting to find out what industry leaders foresee with content marketing in the future. This piece covers 60 content marketing predictions for 2015, and some of them are actually right on the money, like the increase in businesses producing longer, more engaging posts.  

Digital Marketing Trends 2015

Here’s another insightful list for digital marketing trends in 2015. It’s an interesting presentation because it focuses on tools that businesses can use to distribute content, and shows how technology supports content marketing.

The Other C Word; What Makes Great Content Marketing

Ever wondered why some blog posts get millions of shares and likes, while others sit quietly in the corner waiting to be asked to dance? This piece uncovers the secret ingredient to making your content engaging, and that ingredient starts with a C.

How to Build SEO Into Content Strategy

This highly entertaining and engaging SlideShare shows why content marketing and SEO are so closely intertwined. It challenges some of the myths centered around SEO, and is a great read for businesses looking to increase their reach online.  

Build. Better. Content

This presentation gives valuable information on how to build better content. It’s insightful in defining what content marketing should be, and how you can become better at building your brand and producing material  that meets the needs of your customers.

Crap. The Content Marketing Deluge

Could we be headed into trouble with all of the content being produced today? Is there a bubble and will it soon burst? This SLideShare tells us what’s bound to happen with the future on content marketing and how to protect your brand when everyone else sinks.

How to Produce Better Content Ideas

One of the hardest things that businesses have trouble with is coming up with content ideas. In this piece, Mark Johnstone shares some creative tips on how you can keep your audience engaged with different types of material.  

Fix Your Really Bad Powerpoint

Powerpoint presentations are an engaging form of content marketing, but many people lack the skills and experience to create great slides. This piece teaches you how to enhance your presentations to make them highly informational and exciting for the viewer.

Craft the Perfect Posts for the Big 3 Social Networks

If your business shares content on social media, then you need to know how to properly engage readers with your information. Hubspot does as great job of showing how social networks all differ, and how the content shared on each platform must be presented in a unique manner.

7 Tips to Beautiful Powerpoint

Your visual content marketing strategy probably includes some powerpoint presentations. This Slideshare teaches you how to make those slides awesome and interactive; a must read for entrepreneurs and businesses that plan to use Powerpoint anywhere with their marketing campaigns.

10 Quick Content Marketing Tips

This short presentation packs a powerful punch. It covers ten useful content marketing tips, along with the reasons why they work. It’s just bite sized enough to consume on the go, and yet deliver some valuable information that easy to implement today.

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