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When you reach for a fresh cup of joe in the morning, do you ever stop and think about what it took to get that coffee into your hands? Or how many other people are reaching for their first morning jolt at the same time as you?

With all the “hoopla” about coffee in the US, you would think that we’re the biggest consumers of coffee in the world. But it turns out that our Dutch friends drink more than anyone else on the planet. And you know what else? Most of the world’s coffee is produced in Brazil. That’s a long way from plant to cup.

When it comes to the biggest coffee consumers here in the US, the 18 to 35 year olds have cornered the market. This is partly due to the rise of coffee shops on virtually every corner. Interestingly enough though, the overall consumption of coffee in the United States is down. Back in 1946, we drank on average 2 cups per day. Now the daily average is just under one cup, and it’s not good quality either. Americans would much rather have a convenient cup of coffee than a quality cup made from fresh whole beans.

So what does all this say about Americans and coffee? In a nutshell, the thrill is gone (unless you’re age 18-35).

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Coffee Facts and Numbers

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