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Summer Jobs for Teens

Remember when summer jobs for teens were plentiful? Kids could barely wait for summer break to go and earn some extra cash. Well, that was years ago, and while some kids are still lucky enough to find work, most of them are competing with adults for the opportunities that were once considered starter jobs.


Summer jobs for teens are at the lowest since World War II, with less than 1 in 3 teens obtaining employment during school break. The employment rate for teens was at fifty one percent in 2000, but has since declined to twenty nine percent in 2011. What’s worst is that the trend only appears to be getting worst. If it continues, by 2018, the summer youth employment rate will barely hit fifteen percent.


There’s still hope, however little it may be. Teens who do find summer employment work in various areas of business. Most are employed in the leisure and hospitality business, and retail is the second largest industry that hires youth seeking employment. This covers your average Mcdonalds and Forever 21 type jobs.

Summer jobs are important because they teach youth real life job skills. Without them, many teenagers will hit the job force highly unprepared, and blind in terms of what’s expected at work. Will our youth be able to bounce back from this disturbing trend, or will employers have to implement special workplace training to compensate? Stay tuned.