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Where the iPhone is Made: Your iPhone’s Long Journey Home

We’ve made tremendous strides in cell phone technology over the past decade, especially with the introduction of the iPhone. And though many of us carry one of these trusted devices in our purses or pockets, we don’t have a clue about where the iPhone is made, or the amount of resources it takes to get the device from the factory, to the carrier, and ultimately into our hands.


The truth is that there’s no one place where the iPhone is “born and raised”. Depending on which model you own, it could have been assembled somewhere in China or Hong Kong, but the parts are made all over the world. Some come from France, Malaysia, Tokyo, Texas, and even  South Korea.


When it’s time to distribute these beauties, they’re either shipped to Alaska or another US state where they’re dispersed by the carriers, and delivered to your door. It’s a long trek for such a small device, and uses a tremendous amount of resources to get into your hands. From parts assemblers, to the actual iPhone assembly, to air mail, and local delivery drivers, dozens if not hundreds of people play a role in ensuring that your iPhone is delivered on time, and in excellent condition.Such an interesting journey.