Static infographics. Our bread and butter. We are creating more static infographics on a daily basis than we can possibly count anymore. The reason for this is that companies have begun to fully embrace the power of infographics, and HOW they can be used. We create static infographics for blog content, revamped powerpoint presentations, tradeshow posters, brochures, email campaigns, annual reports, investor decks, posters….You name it, we’ve created a static infographic for it.

The question then becomes, Why Infographic World? The answer we like to think is pretty simple; we offer the highest level of quality in the design, and unlike others, we actually care about our clients. We are available to you 24 hours a day, we over-communicate throughout the entire process, and we never miss deadlines. Ever. So we guess the question is really, why not Infographic World?

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