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Wikibon Infographic: Components Of A Successful Data Center

With so much personal and business data being stored in the could now days, it’s important for data centers to be secure and completely high tech. There are several components that make up a successful data center, and even though you may not operate one, it’s good to know how they should function, especially since they’re holding on to your precious information.


One of the most important features a data center should have is state of the art temperature controls. Keeping the hard drives and computers cool is critical, and a large data center should have an efficient way of doing this. Some use a thermodynamic system that cools the hot air and returns it to the room, all in a fraction of a second.


Another important feature every data center should have is a redundancy and disaster recovery program. This includes backup systems that take over in the event of a shutdown or malfunction, as well as another physical location that will serve as a failover.


All successful data centers need plenty of digital storage space, and a few facilities to house the equipment and information. Earthquake protection and fire suppression are also must-haves. These are all essential features that will keep your material safe in the event of an emergency. Even the smallest centers should be able to offer some guarantees against natural disasters and other types of extreme circumstances.