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Foxit Explainer Video

Imagine owning a company with a secure product that almost everyone who owns a computer or tablet could benefit from. This seems like the ideal position to be in, right? But what if your biggest competitor is a well-known software behemoth? How do you compete with them on their turf? It’s simple. Produce an engaging video that makes people smile, and explains how to create PDF files in a secure environment.


Foxit Software Company has a variety of products that enable computer users to safely read, edit and create PDF files. They were already successful in landing quite a few notable business customers before working with us, but their main problem was getting the message out to the masses in a way that could clearly demonstrate the benefits of using their products. Sure, they had an awesome website with plenty of content to explain the intricacies of the software, but they needed a simple, but powerful marketing tool that would show how they solve an explicit problem. We viewed this as an opportunity to highlight some of the most important features, and decided to focus on the security of the product.


Our team went right to work, creating an engaging storyline to go along with entertaining video game graphics, and a strikingly memorable tune. The ultimate goal was to help Foxit brand themselves in an ultra-competitive market, with a visual sales tool that was simple, insightful, and humorous. The outcome was an energetic explainer video that effortlessly helps viewers understand how the product can immediately improve the security of their PDF files.