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Hart Energy Infographic: Shale Oil and Gas Industry on the Rise

For many, natural gas is the answer to decreasing the United States dependency on foreign oil. It’s used to produce a number of products and resources, and emits half the carbon dioxide of fossil fuels. Some states, including Colorado, Oklahoma and Arkansas have already increased their natural gas production; Pennsylvania tops the list with a whopping 37 percent increase.  


Reduced pollution and overall energy security are just a few of the benefits of drilling at home. The industry could employ thousands of Americans, and put food on the table for households in desperate need. From 2007 to 2012, the shale  industry increased by more than one hundred sixty thousand jobs, and that number grows as more companies invest in energy produced right on our own shores. Reduced energy bills is another benefit to shale.


More than one third of oil used to power American homes and vehicles comes from overseas. Shale is a reliable alternative, and one that gains momentum each year. As investors and average Americans began to understand the real benefits of drilling onshore, you can expect to see more activity in years to come.