Infographics for Dummies

July 1, 2014 by infographicworld


After 6-7 months of hard work, Infographic World is proud to announce the launch of our book, Infographic for Dummies.  The book was a true team effort, spearheaded by Infographic World President Justin Beegel, but it came together because of the efforts of many people.

In the book you will find great information about things like:

  • The power of infographics
  • How to incorporate infographics into content strategy and communications
  • How best to build a concept and blueprint of what you plan on designing
  • Tips from the best infographic designers in the world on how to build them in Photoshop and Illustrator
  • How best to market and promote your infographic once it’s done

Thank you again to everyone to helped make this possible, including Kevin Hand and Jennifer Gaskin from our Infographic World team, Tonia Cowan, Marc Bain, and Eileen Glanton-Loftus.

You can find the book for purchase on Amazon


Below is our President, Justin Beegel, holding his first ever published book. 10474447_10101121916607002_1083467562344718764_n

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