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Intuit: How Small Cutbacks Lead To Great Savings

If you’re looking for great savings on your monthly budget, there are a few things that you can do. From the living room, to the home office, there are several areas to scale back on spending without giving up the lifestyle that you love.


One of the areas to shave a nice amount from your budget is the bedroom. The average US family spends $1,881 every year on clothing. If you shop at the second hand store, you can find many  of those high end items at a much cheaper price. You can also save money by purchasing clothes when they’re out of season.


In the bathroom, a low flow shower head can save you up to $15 a year. It doesn’t sound like much, but each small savings adds up to something quite large. In the kitchen, you can easily save $3 per day by making your own coffee.


There are tons of things to do to start saving on your budget. If you feel like you’re throwing your money away, take a look at your spending habits and you’re likely to find something that you can do without.