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Mittal School of Business

In India, getting a good education in business generally means you sit in a classroom and take lots of notes on business theory. And while that might help you graduate from that program, it doesn’t instill you with much real-world experience that will help you succeed in an existing organization or even start a business of your own.

But now the household names of LPU and Mittal have launched a new business school, with curriculum built not just to focus on the needs of the industry, but actually built by industry leaders themselves.

Students will get real-world experience by consulting on projects for big brands or getting certifications from major tech leaders. They’ll get inspiration from talks by people like the Dalai Lama and other national heroes. And they’ll be able to start their own businesses via a startup incubator.

That means Mittal grads are uniquely positioned for success as soon as they finish school. And there’s nothing theoretical about that.