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Most families look forward to summer vacation, but this time of year can be hard on your pockets, especially if you’re planning to travel. It’s best to plan out your trip to get the most bang for your buck, and luckily, gas prices have dropped just enough to take the road tour you’ve been wanting to take for a while.


Most families will take two trips this year, spending most of that time on the road. 60 percent of vacationers will drive to their destinations, and that makes for some serious gas costs. Take the shortest route to save on gas, and whenever possible, drive a fuel efficient vehicle.


If you’re traveling by air, you’re in a group with 30 percent of the population. The average spend on airline tickets is $711, and has remained at this number for the past three years. This represents an average of 1-2 travelers though. If you have large family, airline costs will be much higher.  


Regardless as to whether you drive or fly, there are some things you can do to save money while vacationing. Plan to prepare most of your meals, and avoid extra spending on clothing. Most people want to buy souvenirs, but plan a budget just for that before you leave.
Summer vacation can be fun, without costing a fortune.