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The Fall of Apple

Apple remains the most valuable company in the world. It’s worth billions of dollars, and almost anyone you ask knows the brand. But, with several strong competitors on the rise, will Apple continue to hold it’s place as the world’s most valuable company, or will it slowly fizzle into the background and lose it’s luster?


Critics say that it’s just a matter of time before Apple is eventually dethroned. One reason for the doom and gloom forecast is because it took years to release a new product after the first iPad was introduced to the world in 2010. Since then, Apple has been relatively slow to put out anything that other companies haven’t already explored. Apple TV is similar to the Google Box and the Roku, both very strong competitors.


One bright spot for the company is that there seems to have been a decrease in Android subscriptions. If this trend continues, then Apple could hold on to the hopes of keeping their place in tech history.


With the death of Steve Jobs, many are left wondering if the company will ever produce any additional new technologies, or will they just continue to fight with Google and Samsung? One things for sure, consumers will have a load of new products to choose from when the dust finally settles.