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Inventors of Our Everyday Technology: Infographic

From electricity to indoor plumbing, our everyday technology was invented by some pretty interesting people. Great thinkers like Alexander Cumming, inventor of the S-trap, and John Deere, inventor of the steel plough, were pioneers in their fields. There are countless inventions that changed the course of history and provided us the modern lifestyles that we enjoy today.


When you flush the toilet,  you have Sir John Harrington to thank for that, as he was the first to invent the flush bowl. His prototype was not widely adopted because it did not include a fresh water supply, however, the initial idea belongs to him. In the field of electricity, several inventors paved the way for comfort and convenience. Nicola Tesla is credited with inventing the power transmission system, and Thomas Edison gave us the light bulb.


Fast forward to the 1900’s and we’re still benefiting from the minds of great inventors, and adding some new ones to the list. Sony blessed us with the walkman in 1979, and Kane Kramer gave us the MP3 player in 1997. Mobile music was then perfected with the iPod and iTunes by Steve Jobs in 2001.


Automobile technology has also come a long way. The first gasoline powered car was invented in 1893, and Henry Ford revolutionized the auto industry with the Model T in 1927. Since then, there have been several successful strides in the overall improvement of automobile technology.


It will be interesting to see what inventors of the future come up with, and how impactful their work will be on society.