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Infographic Submission Contest

October 29, 2012
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So we’ve teamed up with our good friends over at Daily Infographic to create a monthly infographic submission contest.
Have a cool idea you would love to see brought to life in an infographic? Submit it through our contest form, and each month we’ll select our favorite one and create it. The person who submits the winning idea will also (if they want) be mentioned in the infographic itself as well as on our site and Daily Infographic’s site.
Here’s the link:
Can’t want to see everyone’s ideas.

Infographic World’s Viral Marketing Effect

August 14, 2012
IN:Explainer Videos infographic design infographics interactive infographic


Click the play button below to see our interactive infographic on how Infographic World’s viral marketing effect takes place, utilizing our infographics as the main driver. Once inside the graphic, follow the path by clicking the flashing area to see the full story.

Infographic Submission Contest Winner: Olympics Then vs. Now

July 25, 2012
IN:Explainer Videos infographic design infographic ideas infographic submission contest infographics


After receiving several hundred submissions to our infographic submission contest (in partnership with Daily Infographic), we narrowed down the selections to our 5 favorite ideas. We then had the awesome folks at SodaHead create a poll and have their community vote on which of the 5 was the best idea. With that, we present the winning idea, submitted by David L. Smith, CEO of Mediasmith out of San Francisco. His idea was to compare the Olympics of old versus the modern day games.
With the Olympics starting on Friday, this was a perfect timely idea, and a very fun infographic to build. Great idea David.
You can submit your ideas for consideration for next month’s contest (we’re running it every month) here:

Infographic: The Science of Getting Drunk

June 4, 2012
IN:drunk Explainer Videos infographic design infographics science

science of getting drunk

In a fun infographic, we took a look into the science behind the act of getting drunk. A lot of fun information.


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