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Can My Dog Eat This?

September 19, 2016

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As a dog owner, it is not uncommon to want to spoil your four legged friend by sharing your favorite snacks or even feeding them your table scraps. We often assume that because something is safe for us that it is safe for our dog as well but that isn’t necessarily the truth. While many human foods such as sweet potatoes and carrots can be fine for your dog, others foods such as grapes or chocolates can lead to long-term health problems and, in extreme cases, even death. Knowing what foods we can and can’t give them is often the best way to look after them.

A Peek Into The Pokemon Go Phenomenon

July 18, 2016

Watch out for Pokemon Go Players! They’re all over the place, with their faces glued to their phones in search of Pokemon. While the Pokemon has been around for decades, the new app is taking the world by storm. People from all walks of life are finding themselves under the enchantment of the game.

America. The Land of the Free. For hundreds of years, immigrants from all corners of the world have flocked here in search of freedom; freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and even freedom to love and marry whom they please. The United States is the glowing symbol of liberty, with promises of equal rights for every citizen, and the opportunity shape your future in any way that you choose. But how much of this is propaganda, and what is the true reality for Americans? Are we really as free as we would like to believe, or has “liberty and justice for all” become just a cliche?

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In the US, the average cost to raise a child ranges from a little over $12K to almost $15K each year. That’s a lot of resources for someone not quite tall enough to reach the kitchen sink. Housing accounts for about 30 percent of those costs, but unless you planned on living out in the open wild, you would incur that expense anyway.


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