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The Islamic State: What You Need To Know

September 26, 2014
IN:ISIL ISIS islamic State terrorism


With $2 billion on hand the Islamic State is an extremely well-funded terrorist group that may pose a major international crisis for the U.S. and the world. Learn about their rise to power and the toll they’ve taken thus far.

top 30 startsups to watch

In what is shaping up to be a great week for our company, following making the Empact100 list, Entrepreneur Magazine just named Infographic World to it’s annual Top 30 Startups to Watch.
This is a tremendous honor for us, and helps to validate all the hard work we put in day in and day out.
Here is the link to read the full feature:

Infographic World Makes 2014 Empact100 List

September 15, 2014
IN:empact showcase empact100


Infographic World has been honored this morning to have made the 2014 Empact100 list, which recognizes the top companies in the U.S. run by entrepreneurs 35 and under.
We appreciate the support and recognition from the voting panel, and would like to thank the entire Infographic World team, who have been amazing in helping us grow as a company and help brands create incredible visual content.

LGBT Rights Around The World #LGBT

September 2, 2014

LGBT Rights

LGBT rights around the world vary, some countries such as Australia and Greenland recognize same-sex relationships. Many countries in Africa and the Middle East criminalize being gay, some go so far as to put a person to death. Learn how LGBT rights have changed over the years and what daily life is like around the world for the LGBT community.


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