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Infographics help to relay sophisticated or highly detailed messages in a simple, uncomplicated manner. They’re visually appealing, and often break down large amounts of information into bite- size, elementary chunks. While the graphic itself is a straightforward display, creating an infographic that is well researched and designed is another story. There’s a lot of effort that goes into these data-filled works of art, and it’s not all fun and games.


Aside from a creative design team, in order to construct a successful infographic, you need researchers and fact checkers to make sure the details are accurate. That process alone can take hours, yet it’s an essential part of the project. Weaving these facts together to create a coherent, interesting story is the job of the writer, another crucial person in the production line. And when it comes to the design, there is a lot to consider-from color palettes to fonts, it’s a very tedious job. All of these elements (and more) fuse together to make the stunning, entertaining, and educational pieces that you encounter online every day. So the next time you see an infographic design that grabs your attention and delivers a smooth, straightforward message, know that it took hours of relentless work to make the final cut and get it to your screen.


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Creating an infographic - process

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