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America. The Land of the Free. For hundreds of years, immigrants from all corners of the world have flocked here in search of freedom; freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and even freedom to love and marry whom they please. The United States is the glowing symbol of liberty, with promises of equal rights for every citizen, and the opportunity shape your future in any way that you choose. But how much of this is propaganda, and what is the true reality for Americans? Are we really as free as we would like to believe, or has “liberty and justice for all” become just a cliche?

Well, when it comes to justice, in many cases it depends on what you do, and what color you are. For example, despite very similar usage rates, whites aren’t arrested nearly as much as blacks for simple marijuana use. Statistics show that African Americans are nearly 4 times as likely to be arrested for this reason.

Well, there’s still liberty right? Yes and no. Even in America, you’re only free to do so much. When it comes to electing an abortion, certain states have enacted ordinances that make termination of pregnancy quite burdensome. And when it comes to the freedom to live and work where you please, if you don’t have the financial and educational resources, then your choices are quite limited.

The United States is still a young and growing nation, with much to learn about true liberty and justice for all. But overall, we are leaders in taking strides to direct ourselves down the right path, and slowly addressing the bumps and bruises along the way. We’re not a perfect nation, we promote individual rights and fairness for all. God bless America.

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July 4th and Freedom

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