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A Peek Into The Pokemon Go Phenomenon

July 18, 2016

Watch out for Pokemon Go Players! They’re all over the place, with their faces glued to their phones in search of Pokemon. While the Pokemon has been around for decades, the new app is taking the world by storm. People from all walks of life are finding themselves under the enchantment of the game.

Within the first few weeks of it’s release, 7.5 million people downloaded the app to their phones. If that’s any indication as to the popularity of the game, then there could be well over 50 million downloads within the first 2 months.

So what’s so different about this app? One thing in particular is that it promotes exercise. People using the app have to get outside and move around in order to experience the game. Pokemon Go also brings people together by incorporating face to face “social media time”.

With all the good that comes with the game, there are some aspects that are dangerous. In a few states, people were robbed while playing Pokemon Go. One group was lured into armed robbery, and the other group was victimized while paying attention to their phones instead of their surroundings. There’s also the risk of increased car accidents, as people tend to focus on their screens more than the road.

Overall, Pokemon Go has been a hit for Nintendo, increasing the company’s market value by $9 billion within the first five days of its release. If you’re not a player, it’s definitely a game that you have to experience to understand. But beware, it’s addictive!

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Pokemon Go Phenomenon

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