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When it comes to content marketing, there is no denying that the use of infographics is revolutionizing the online world. In fact, an infographic is 30 times more likely to grab and hold the attention of readers than content that is purely textual. And did you know that people retain 80 percent of what they see and only 20 percent of what they read? This means that information delivered in a visual format, like an infographic, is much more likely to be retained than information received through the reading of an article. If you perform any type of search relevant to today’s best content marketing methods, you are going to come across recommendations for the use of infographics. Why is this? Because infographics are highly preferred by readers and are paving the way for content marketing success. For now, we are going to examine several examples proving that infographics should be incorporated into any content marketing strategy.


U.S. Health Care vs. The World


This infographic was created to shed light on the differences found in various world health systems. The infographic dived so deep into the topic that it showed how health care in the United States compared with that found in 16 other countries across the globe. Data used in the infographic was simple to obtain as it was abstracted from the World Health Statistics 2013 report. Because of its great design and use of precise details, the infographic went viral and was featured on many major platforms, including The AtlanticEntrepreneur, and Notice the use of bright colors throughout almost the entirety of the infographic; this attracts readers and keeps their attention. The summary at the bottom of the infographic also makes it more appealing by outlining its key information.


The Cost of College Around the World


We are happy to say that this infographic was one of our most successful. In fact, when you type “cost of college around the world” or “cost of college in the world,” etc. CNBC article comes up as “featured snippet.” Although it might not be a direct link to the site that created the infographic, it gives them “secondary visibility” through the CNBC link. CNBC also showed snippets of the infographic in their article titled Slash Your Student Debt by Earning Your Degree Abroad. Any time an infographic is linked to through CNBC, you can rest assured it is going to be viewed by an extremely large audience.


Before moving on to three more infographics that prove the visual content advantages within content marketing agendas, let’s take a quick look at link building and how the infographics mentioned here are earning such high-quality links.


Link building is paramount in capturing the attention of major search engines. The higher the number of quality backlinks you can obtain for your content, the higher the ranking it will receive on search engine results pages. And while link building can be achieved through guest posting, it has become apparent that the more creatively information is presented to readers, the better its conversion rate will be. And the better the conversion rate, the more likely the content is to be shared and linked back to; this brings us to infographics.


Infographics provide content producers with a way to present information in a convenient, visually-appealing manner that is different from their competitors. The more creative an infographic, the better. Just remember, the primary element to focus on is organization. You don’t want an infographic to be cluttered and difficult to navigate and read.


In addition to acquiring high quality backlinks simply because of their visual appeal, infographics can be submitted to infographic galleries and acquire backlinks this way. More so, you can pitch infographics to sites that have already published relevant content. For example, if you have an awesome infographic on the topic of baby stroller safety, you should pitch the infographic to authoritative sites that feature information related to raising children.


Best Careers for Introverts and Extroverts


Created for Career Assessment Site, this infographic presented in-depth information in a very professional manner. All information was pleasantly laid out within the infographic according to short sections, and the use of bland coloring actually helped improve its overall professional appearance. Thanks to the distinguished creativity used in the infographic and the depth of information it provided, CNBCBusinessInsider, and all three featured it on their site. And while did not actually publish the infographic on its site, it did link to it, which provided a high quality backlink for Career Assessment Site.


Is an MBA Worth It?


This is another extremely long infographic. Studies are showing, however, that the more content, the better. In regards to textual articles, long-form content is proving to be more engaging than shorter forms. In fact, studies say articles exceeding 4,000 words are receiving better search rankings than their shorter-form counterparts. We think the same applies to infographics. To earn high quality backlinks, you need to present information that is valuable and keeps the attention of readers for an extended period of time. There is no better way to do this than by presenting them with data and information via a long infographic. This infographic did so well that it earned backlinks from BusinessInsiderPoets and Quants, and


Let’s Take a Ride: 5 Largest US Public Transit Systems


Created for the University of North Carolina, this infographic delivered a visual presentation of information that was related to the degree program being promoted, the mpa degree. Not realizing how effective infographics are in receiving backlinks, it surprised UNC when the promotion of their degree program was featured on Washington Post and Clean Technica. This, of course, earned UNC high quality backlinks. It was a major marketing success victory for the university. and its mpa degree program.


We will let you guess what the answer to the question “should you use infographics to build high quality backlinks?” is.


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