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How Energy Works: Discovery Channel Infographic-Universal Energy Volume 1

With all of the technology we have today, we still don’t know everything about how energy works, or where it comes from. What we do know is fascinating, and just enough to urge us to dig deeper and learn more about this source of power that’s ever present in our lives.


Most people think that electricity is a form of energy, when in fact, it is a transporter of energy, not the source. When electrons move in an organized fashion, they produce the heat or magnetism that powers our homes and vehicles. The science of it is intriguing, yet there’s a different game being played behind the scenes on the atomic level. This is where we’ve learned to harness nuclear power.


We consume large amounts of energy today; much more now than ever before. This is primarily do to our use of fossil fuels (oil) and the transport of it all around the world. Oil is derived from dead plants and animals, and is primarily used to power vehicles. We use about 19 billion barrels each day, and in the US, over 70 percent of it is transported from other countries.


Finding renewable sources of energy is essential to maintaining our modern lifestyles. Hydro and solar power are the most viable options right now, although some countries are successfully utilizing other forms of energy to power communities. As we continue to learn how energy works, we can lessen our dependency on oil, and increase our usage of clean, renewable power.