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Economy vs First Class Infographic

First class didn’t always come with beds, showers and caviar. And economy class wasn’t always built like a sardine can. Take a look at the history of economy vs first class to see how drastic the change has been over the years in comfort and service for both.


Back in 1960, Economy class began to dominate, and became the most preferred option, and in 1964, the seat pitch increased from 34 to 36 inches. This seemed more than comfortable for most people, especially for short domestic travels, but by 1980, the passenger demographic changed drastically, in terms of the size of the average passenger. This caused airlines to institute their “fat tax”, forcing obese passengers to purchase more than one seat. And it seems to have gone downhill from here.


First class has experienced some fascinating changes as well. In 1970, sleeper seats were introduced, and electronic headsets were available in each cabin, and in 2004, Virgin Atlantic began offering double beds in first class.


There were numerous changes to both economy and first class over the years, and it will be interesting to see how they continue to develop.