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The Islamic State: What You Need To Know

Commonly referred to as Isis, the Islamic State is one of the most treacherous terrorist groups in history. Well funded and highly organized, their members raise millions of dollars to operate their activities and attract new recruits from all over the world.


It would seem as though a terrorist group that enforces strict Sharia law would not have many supporters, however, the leaders of the Islamic State have found a way to appeal to people through propaganda via social media and other websites. Many of their new supporters are teens who feel out of place in society, and ultimately reject their family and friends to pledge their allegiance to Isis. It’s reported that they have $2 billion on hand for operating funds, and that number increases daily as they engage in various criminal acts including theft and kidnapping.


Many of the world’s nations have refused to stand still and allow the group to have their way in the Middle East. Forty different countries, including France, have pledged to give their assistance to defeat and dismantle the group.


US citizens also agree that something needs to be done about Isis. 83 percent of Americans feel that assistance should be provided to people fleeing Isis controlled areas, and over 60 percent support sending military aid. With several beheadings and mass murders under their belt, we can all agree that something needs to be done sooner rather than later.