We're Not Just an Infographic Company. Here Are What Some Of Our Customers Have Said About Us.

Infographic World produced some of the highest quality, most clever infographics I’ve seen while at Intuit. Their team required very little direction –we would brainstorm on some possible topics and he would come back with a work of art that drove results. Would highly recommend Justin and his team for anyone wanting to produce compelling infographics.


I have been impressed with Infographic World’s work and their ability to take complex topics and break them down into simple designs for people to understand. They don’t need a lot of handholding and are able to produce excellent results, on time and within budget. We’ve used them for static and dynamic Infographics and both types have allowed us to get our message across simply and effectively with our audience.

Trend Micro

Working with Infographic World has been wonderful. They truly understand that communication is an art, and they are able to transcend the barriers of comprehension through the delivery of beautiful, informative, and interactive graphics that can stimulate and resonate with any audience. The working
relationship has been a pleasure.


Infographic World has been a great partner to AMP, allowing us to cost effectively drive traffic, links and exposure for our clients. They are extremely responsive and attentive to deadlines, no matter how tight.
I enjoy working with them immensely and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to leverage the power of infographics.

AMP Agency

Working with Infographic World was a real treat. We seemed to have been on the same page from the very beginning of our project so we’ve breezed through concept development with ease. And in all stages of creating the final product, Infographic World’s staff was open and receptive to our feedback helping us arrive at a result that exceeded our expectations. Thank you!

Project aware foundation