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The Power of Explainer Videos

If the thought of coming up with an elevator pitch for your business is keeping you up at night, then you could use an explainer video.


Explainer videos are short, informational productions that demonstrate how your business solves a specific problem. They’re usually highly targeted to address a unique issue, and are often lighthearted and fun to watch. Sales and marketing teams use them in business presentations, and companies often display them on websites and social media platforms. You can even use them in email marketing campaigns.


While there are no right or wrong ways to promote your business video, there are a few “rules” to follow when producing them. First, remember that people online tend to have short attention spans. This means that your explainer video should be no longer than 2-3 minutes. Don’t try to add too much information, but instead, make sure the script is direct and does not contain any fluff. Your goal should be to deliver the message in a clear and direct manner. A professional script writer would be best for the job.


Another important aspect of producing a killer explainer video is to use custom graphics. There are thousands of regurgitated images being used in business videos, and this cheapens your brand. Customers remember what they’ve seen, and will quickly put you in the same boat as other businesses if they’re familiar with the graphics in your video. Do everything possible to stand out and be unique.