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Higher Education Around The World

December 4, 2014


Higher education is the expected next step for most high school students in the U.S., and it seems that every day, we hear more and more about the economic effects of student loan debt. But does the same hold true when you take a look around the globe? You might be surprised to learn what we found out when we tackled some of those questions.
Based on our research, we found that South Korea has the highest enrollment of college-age individuals at 98.4% with the U.S. falling in second place at 94.3% (if that seems high, keep in mind it includes full-time or part-time enrollment in any post-high school training). Although we tend to hear about the higher cost of education in the U.S., it’s always good to see how we compare with the rest of the world. This infographic also takes a look at the cost of higher education in other countries and provides a glimpse into where the U.S. stands.
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South Korea has the highest enrollment of college-age individuals at 98.4% – Tweet this
7 in 10 recent US college graduates have student loan debt – Tweet this
Norway and Sweden have the highest enrollment of women in higher education – Tweet this

Engineered Eats: Labeling GMOs In The U.S.

November 6, 2014

labeling GMOs in the US

Foreign governments have taken the labeling of GMOs much more seriously than the U.S. Several countries such as France, the U.K., and China all label their products that contain GMOs. Learn more about what GMOs are, and how they might effect our food source.
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Ebola: Understanding the Disease

October 28, 2014


Ebola has already claimed 4,000 lives in West Africa and cases are now being treated in the U.S. With a fatality rate of 90%, Ebola is a very dangerous illness. Learn about the history of this disease and its symptoms.

Wealth In The United States

October 16, 2014

Wealth in the United States

With 46% of global assets owned by the top 1% earners the income equality gap in the United States is substantial. Explore wealth in the United States and how it’s distributed.


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