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10 Days To Better Productivity

March 31, 2015

better productivity thumb

Whether you’re an occasional slacker, or a professional procrastinator, we’ve all experienced those days (or periods of time) where it seems like our productivity levels just aren’t up to par. This can be caused by a number of things, including lack of sleep, too much time on social media, lack of exercise, and even too little sunlight.

Do Infographics Still Work? A Fact-Driven Look

March 10, 2015

62% companies using infographics

Infographics are the fastest growing digital marketing strategy in the U.S. 62% of companies surveyed by Content Marketing Institute used infographics in 2014 (compared to just half in 2013), with another 26% expressing intentions of using infographics for the first time in 2015. There is no question infographics are definitely not going away anytime soon. But, whether you’re a marketing expert or just someone who enjoys (or hates) infographics, there is a significant question very much in debate: do infographics still work? Now, we’re a company who specializes in creating, researching, and designing infographics, so obviously we’re a bit biased when it comes to answering that question. Should you use infographics? Before we answer that officially, let’s take a look at some data so we can arrive at an answer driven by facts rather than our personal feelings.

Super Bowl’s Social Media Reach

January 27, 2015


Super Bowl Sunday – the unofficial American holiday. Its a time where big brands, top entertainers, players, and fans all come together to celebrate the best of the American sport. There’s sure to be tailgating, beer, facepaint, cheering, shivering, and comradery. And lets not forget the newest addition to this multi-million dollar production, social media.
Social media has become an integral part of every Super Bowl show. Between touchdowns, electrifying performances, and memorable beer commercials, millions of viewers take to social media to share their game time experiences. Some simply comment on how much they like or dislike an ad, and others rant and rave about how the referee needs to turn in their license. Regardless as to what people are sharing online, all the commenting and posting leads to one sure thing-tons of free exposure for brands.
Since 2011, Super Bowl related posts have more than quadrupled on Facebook and Twitter, and this trend grows by leaps and bounds each year. So what’s lesson to be learned here? Social media is a powerful marketing platform during game time – one that doesn’t cost nearly as much as the fancy million dollar commercials, and has proven to be just as, if not more effective.

Infographic World Acquires oBizMedia

January 22, 2015


We are very excited to announce that we have acquired fellow infographic agency oBizMedia. Even more exciting is that Ritu Pant, owner of oBizMedia, will be joining the Infographic World team as our Vice President of Marketing.
This is a move that was really years in the making. Ritu and Infographic World President Justin Beegel have been friends for over 8 years, dating back to the good ole’ days of Digg, being fellow “power Diggers.” Justin started Infographic World in 2009, and Ritu ended up starting oBizMedia a few years later. Despite being in the same field, they remained friends and would trade stories on the growth of the industry, the struggles all small businesses face, as well as personal trials and growth.
The topic of an acquisition first came up almost 2 years ago, but did not really get serious up until a few months back. Both sides felt that instead of fighting against each other for market share, combining forces was the best route for both sides. Ritu brings incredible marketing, social, and content strategy knowledge to Infographic World, while Infographic World boasts (if we do say so ourselves) an amazing production system, top of the line clients, and a great team overall. The combination is one both sides would be deadly as this industry continues to grow and evolve.
So what does this mean moving forward? For our clients, we now have a content strategy and marketing whiz involved at the top, which means better content ideas for our clients, and added capabilities from the marketing and promotion standpoint in our offering.
We could not be more excited for this move, and look forward to working together to bring the company to new levels.Press release: Infographic Design Agency, Infographic World, Announces Acquisition & New VP Of Marketing


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