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Business Card Design: Genres to Choose From Infographic

Whether you’re a successful business owner, or one that’s just starting out, your business card design says a lot about you. It’s the calling card that helps people remember you, and they way it looks is just as important as the information printed on it. There are several genres of cards, and it’s essential to choose one that matches your company’s feel.  


Disguise business cards are popular with creative people. This would include graphic artists and other types of designers. It’s a business card type that you wouldn’t typically find in the corporate space, and gets as lot of feedback and attention when used.


The most popular business card type if the efficient design. Its the one that’s used by most businessmen and women, and includes the most pertinent information for contacts. You probably have a ton of these in your wallet or drawer that you’ve collected over the years.


The minimalist design is very eye catching and does a great job of presenting the information in a classic, uncluttered form. It works great for all types of companies, but is widely used by large brands and artistic businesses. Your business card design is a big deal. Choosing the right card genre goes a long way in making a first impression.