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Award Winning Design and Creativity Infographic: Google By The Numbers

There’s no denying that Google is a force to be reckoned with. They own two of the world’s top search engines, and generate billions of dollars per year alone in ad revenue. The majority of their earnings are powered by search traffic, which sees over 1 billion unique visitors each month. That’s more traffic than some search engines attract over the lifetime of their product.


Being a behemoth does not come without its cons. With all of the traffic that Google sees, it takes a monstrous amount of resources to keep afloat. In 2010, the search giant used 2 billion kilowatt hours to run their systems. That’s a fourth of the power output of a nuclear plant.


Billions of dollars in ad revenue also attracts some of the shadiest advertisers, and keeping up with “who’s selling what to whom” is also a daunting task. Google was fined $500 million dollars for knowingly allowing Canadian pharmacies to advertise medical drugs to residents in the US.


Whether or not Google will maintain the top search engine is unknown, but as of right now, they hardly have any competitors, and Google has already become a household name. With the array of products and services that it offers in addition to the search engines (including YouTube), anyone looking to steal their spot would need to gain consumer trust, and have millions to spend on marketing and advertising. And with the majority of the world using Google as a search engine, competitors would need to invest in Google ads. How ironic.