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Google Mobile Advertising

Google mobile advertising is an efficient way to market goods and services online. Billions of people use smartphones, and 82% of them pay attention to mobile ads. This translates to hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue from advertisement, and millions of companies all fighting for the same space.


It’s no wonder that companies are  investing so much into mobile advertising, particularly Google ads. Sixty seven percent of people who find a business online end up calling that business to get more information, and from  61 percent, 59 percent of people actually visit the business.


Mobile advertising on Google’s platforms, for many businesses, means an increased amount of traffic, and ultimately an increase in revenue. People are using mobile devices at record rates, with more than 35 percent of them admitting to taking their smartphones to the bathroom, and 33 percent use them while watching TV. All of this translates to more targeted ads for consumers and big business for advertisers.


If you have a business to promote, there’s no better time than now to advertise with Google mobile ads.