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Green States: Legalization of Marijuana

When the legalization of marijuana (medical) was approved by voters in numerous states, patients all over the country rejoiced. They had just won one of the biggest arguments in modern American history. Little did they know that soon after, recreational marijuana users would also be celebrating their own victories.


In 2012, Washington and Colorado both legalized marijuana for recreational use. Opposers of the law had plenty to say, and argued that there would be huge upticks in violent and petty crimes. Fast forward a few years later, and the numbers don’t agree with the naysayers. In Denver, violent crime has decreased by over 10 percent since the law was passed. That’s a far cry from some of the doomsday predictions.  


So now that it’s legal, just how much pot are people consuming? In Colorado, they’re smoking over 700 pounds per day, and in Washington, marijuana retailers saw over $2 million in sales during the first month. If you’re thinking you would need to move to Colorado or Washington to consume the drug legally, then you may be surprised at how many states already have medical marijuana laws on the books, and are looking to legalize the recreational side as well.


Marijuana was once perfectly legal in America, and for many, it’s more than just a “feel good drug”. This forces legislators to take a second look at it’s usefulness and the people’s right to choose how they medicate themselves. It could be just a matter of time before all states allow both recreational and medicinal use.