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The Earthquake In Haiti: A Closer Look at Donations and Spending


The 7.0 earthquake in Haiti had a devastating effect on the nation, and to this day, hundreds of thousands are displaced and without adequate shelter. Hundreds of millions of dollars were donated by corporations and average citizens from all over the world. It was  global relief effort that many thought would never come to an end.


Some of the largest corporate contributors included GE, Citigroup and Proctor and Gamble, donating a combined $6 million  for the cause. Celebrities also supported the relief effort in large quantities. Leonardo Dicaprio and Sandra Bullock were among some of the notable stars that gave, as well as Tyler Perry and Madonna.


Much of the donated funds were unallocated, to the tune of $200 million. Areas where spending was tracked included agriculture, food, health, and water and sanitation services.