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Hashtag Activism: Hashing Out Our Problems

Hashtag activism is a growing trend, and one that will only increase with time. Social media has become an outlet for average citizens around the world to band together in support of a cause that they believe in. We’ve seen this with the famous #BringBackOurGirls campaign, and with several other notable stories through the years.


In 2012, we experienced the power of hashtag activism when the Susan G Komen foundation pulled more than half a million dollars in funding from Planned Parenthood. The hashtag #StandWithPP created a firestorm of tweets, and ultimately led the foundation to rescind their funding decision.


Another Instance of hashtivism occurred in 2012 with the #JusticeForTrayvon campaign. It drew nearly 3 million tweets over the course of a month, and was a driving factor that increased signings of a petition.


Currently, there are more than 100 million daily active users on Twitter, and as more people began to use this and other social media platforms, we can only expect to see more hashtivism in the coming years. Not all campaigns will catch fire, but with the right wording and the right cause, many will become just as popular as some of the previous hits.