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Today’s Teens vs Yesterdays Teens: Is There Really a Big Difference? Infographic

Parents and elders are always comparing their childhoods to that of today’s teens. The differences seem to vary greatly, but is there really that much of a change from then and now?


Now, of course, there will be some obvious differences in today’s teens, like the style of music that they listen to, and the type of clothing that they wear. Elephant legs and sequence are all the way out; so is big hair and sock-hopping. Kids nowadays have a hodge-podge of styles when it comes to clothing, and their music varies greatly. With more adult artists targeting the teen market share in music, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what they’re listening to the most, however, the pop genre seems to be the most dominant one.


When it comes to college, more teens today choose to further their education. And it seems that they’re a lot smarter in making social and health conscious choices. They are now more likely to practice safe sex, and less likely to start smoking. This could be due to a number of reasons, including educational programs in schools, and increased media coverage on these subjects. SAT scores are higher now, and high-schoolers earn more than they did back in 1980.


It’s interesting to look at how society has changed over the years, and the impact it has on teenagers.