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5 Very Real Public Health Threats Facing Humanity: Infographic

There have been numerous public health threats throughout the history of mankind. Many of them were short lived, but some took millions of lives. And though it seems that our modern world with all it’s technology is exempt from the types of threats we experienced in the past, we’re just as vulnerable today as we were hundreds of years ago.


Right now, a Pandemic could significantly decrease earth’s population, and at a much faster rate than ever. That’s because more of us are living in cities and other densely populated areas, and this type of environment is perfect for viruses or bacteria to run rampant.


A collapse in the agricultural system would certainly put millions of people at risk for starvation. We’re not growing our own food like we did decades ago. Most modern people rely on others to supply their food, and those “others” happen to be farmers and professionals in the agricultural industry. If through some act of terror, or natural disaster, their crops and land were to be destroyed, global hunger would be the new epidemic.


Our water supply is vulnerable, especially with most of the systems being electronically operated. If the power goes out and can not be restored, much of the world would be without a source of clean water.


There are public health nightmares lurking around every corner. There’s no way to prevent any of them, and no guarantee that you’ll survive if they were to occur. Do you prepare now, or wait it out and see? Something to think about.