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Future Technology: The Science of Star Trek Infographic

The science behind Star Trek is incredible, and totally out of this world, or is it? Could we be living in the age where science fiction meets reality, and what do we have to look forward to with future technology?


Humans haven’t successfully inhabited any other planets, and we certainly don’t know much about wormholes, but we’ve cornered the market on communication when compared to the devices used in Star Trek. The cellphones of today pack some pretty sophisticated technology, and would have been a delight for the Star Trek team. Our images are much sharper, and the voice clarity is hard to beat; not to mention the WiFi capabilities. Captain Kirk didn’t have the luxury of using the internet.


With all that being said, we don’t make the list when it comes to power generation, Androids, and sub-space communications. We simply do not have the technology to produce antimatter machines, robots that can completely replace human beings, or communication devices that connect individuals light years apart. In these areas, Star Trek beats us hands down. Perhaps in a few hundred years or so we’ll come back and observe these.


Science fiction is exciting because it explores all the “what if’s”. The possibilities are never too outrageous, and somewhere deep down inside, we would like these technologies to exist in real life. Maybe our movies are an indicator of the way things will be in the future. Only time will tell.