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Posting Power: Essential Social Media Tools To Track Your Data

Whether you own a large business, or work as a solopreneur, you probably have at least one social media account to interact with customers. Keeping up with it can be a daunting task, not to mention tracking the results. There are social media tools  to help carry some of the burden, you just have to know where to look.


When it comes to analyzing traffic from your social media efforts, Google Analytics is the best free tool in the industry. It contains features that allow you to drill down and find out where the traffic came from, and what device the visitor used. You can even tell how long they remained on the page.


Aside from traffic, there are other metrics you should be keeping track of including community size and engagement, share of voice, and sentiment. There are social media tools available assist with each area, many of them are highly effective. Social sprout is a tool that gives basic engagement metrics, gives information on areas where engagement could be improved. Social mention is a good tool for measuring share of voice, and keeps track of keywords on various sites.

When using social media to market a business, there’s a lot to keep up with. Luckily, there are cloud based systems to help out, and sometimes do the work for you.