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How to Harness Solar Energy

With fossil fuel resources diminishing, its essential that we learn how to efficiently harness solar energy. Solar power can be our answer to the oil industry; it’s much cleaner, and uses fewer resources to produce. Some companies have dedicated numerous financial assets to getting this right, and the technology is available today to begin changing the world one building at a time.


With the sun as it’s primary source of energy, solar power is more reliable than other alternatives. As long as it shines, you’re guaranteed to have electricity to power vehicles, homes, and businesses. The technology behind all of this is quite intricate, and involves the use of solar panels and an DC/AC inverter. The inverter is necessary to deliver the energy directly to residential and commercial structures.
On a consumer level, much of the talk around solar power is centered on whether off grid, or grid tied systems would work best. Off grid systems are completely separate from the main power grid, while grid tied systems work in conjunction with your local energy company. Regardless as to which system you choose, the important take-away here is that we must begin using solar energy on a much larger scale than we have in the past. This means making it affordable for the masses, and educating the public on the basics of how to harness solar energy, and implement it into our daily lives.