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Deepak Chopra:The Power Of Yoga

Whether you practice it or not, there’s no denying the benefits of Yoga. It’s a form of exercise that works the physical and the spiritual, and specifically addresses the energy centers of the body. Not as popular in the Western world as in the East, Yoga is gaining momentum in the US as a top fitness alternative. 15 million Americans use some method of Yoga for exercise, and that number is steadily growing.


One health benefit to practicing Yoga is low blood pressure. It also lowers blood sugar and decreases bad cholesterol. These are among the primary health problems that many people face, especially with the rise of artificial sweeteners, and diets that consist of more processed foods than whole foods. Prescription drugs have proven to sometimes be more harm than good, and this all puts alternative medicines and practices like Yoga on the forefront for people willing to treat themselves outside of traditional medical supervision.


Yoga is used to treat stress and other stress-related physical and mental disorders, not only by holistic doctors, but also by the US Army. It’s known to help improve posture, and has even been said to reduce pain. Constant practice is essential to reaping these benefits, as results won’t come overnight. Modern medicine has yet to explore the numerous other benefits that Yoga provides, but as more people began to utilize it to help maintain their health, other discoveries about the advantages of practicing Yoga will follow.