20 Inspiring Animated Infographics

January 19, 2011 by infographicworld

We here at Infographic World have recently begun to offer Animated infographics to our clients And as such we of course took to the web for inspiration to see just what the best animated graphics on the web had to offer. Without further adieu here are 20 of the best and most inspirational that we discovered during our searches.

It’s Time For Real

Tsunami Infographic


The Crisis Of Credit

Oil Addiction

A Brief History Of Data Storage

Fair Trade Coffee

Asteroid Discoveries 1980-2010

iPhone Statistics

Japan The Strange Country


The History Of Weed

GOOD: Nuclear Weapons

New York Times  US Traffic

New York Times Global Traffic

GOOD The Hidden Cost Of War

Airport Journey

History Of Light

The Known Universe

Travel To The Center Of The Earth

The History Of The Internet

Growing Up

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