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20 Inspiring Animated Infographics

January 19, 2011

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Whether it’s moving infographics or animated infographics,  there are some pretty amazing videos on the web. Now, we’re proud of the work that we do in this area, but it’s always fun (and inspirational) to go and check out what others have created as well. Here are 20 of the most inspiring infographic animations on the internet (that we’ve found so far!) Enjoy!


It’s Time For Real

This is not a lighthearted piece, but definitely a great way to show how infographic animations can be used in messages that are more serious in nature.

Tsunami Infographic

The Crisis Of Credit

What a creative way to show how BAD credit actually is! This animated video does a great job of detailing the real credit crises. The graphics are professional, and it’s overall a very well produced piece.

Oil Addiction

Pull over the SUV and watch this video before you fill up the tank again! Aside from the cool moving infographics here, the message is powerful and definitely makes you think.

A Brief History Of Data Storage

Fair Trade Coffee

An excellent way to explain the definition of fair trade coffee, this piece is filled with special effects that make it alluring and interesting to viewers.

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Asteroid Discoveries 1980-2010

This infographic video is fairly simple, but gets the job done in highlighting asteroid discoveries. It’s an excellent example of how the scientific community uses visual graphics to relay information.

iPhone Statistics

A cool tune and awesome graphics makes for an amazing video, and that’s exactly what we have here. It’s easy to follow, and the animations are crisp and professional.

Japan The Strange Country

The History Of Weed

GOOD: Nuclear Weapons

We definitely don’t need more nuclear weapons in the world, but we could use a few thousand more videos like this one. It’s informative, interesting, and well produced. Thanks GOOD.

New York Times US Traffic

This video from the New York Times shows their US site traffic. It’s a creative way to use moving infographics, and an insightful look at how much activity one site can have on a given day.

New York Times Global Traffic

Another great one from the New York Times on their global traffic from June 25th, 2009. Wonder how this animation would light up if it were tracking active Facebook users in real time?

GOOD The Hidden Cost Of War

GOOD just gets better. This eye-opening piece uses stellar animated infographics to explain just how darn expensive war really is.

Airport Journey

From getting dressed in the morning, to getting undressed again at the security gate,  traveling by air is an experience (to say the least). This piece is a fun look at the average person’s airport journey.

History Of Light

The Known Universe

Here’s an interesting piece on the known universe. It’s also a simple one, but hits home in terms of navigating you through our galaxy, with all of it’s intricacies; and it doesn’t take long either.

Travel To The Center Of The Earth

Interested in traveling to the center of the earth? This video has all the moving infographics needed needed to help drive the point home. It’s purely information, but a dynamic way to display information in video form.

The History Of The Internet

Considering the way it has changed the world, everyone should know the history of the internet. This video provides a very thorough breakdown of how ideas from 1957 transformed into the world wide web that we have today.

Growing Up

Exploding with creativity and featuring some neat moving infographics, this piece is a reminder to always look at the bright side of life and embrace change.

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