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25 Best Social Media Infographics Of All Time

September 15, 2015

Social media has totally changed the way businesses communicate with customers. It’s where consumers drive the conversations, and companies have to keep up or get lost in the shuffle. If you’re unsure about how to get started using these outlets for the benefit of your business, here are 25 awesome social media infographics that will equip you with the knowledge and tools to become a social media rock star. Enjoy. 


Social Media Marketing Mistakes

If you’re new to social media, there are some mistakes that you definitely want to avoid. This infographic covers them in detail. You should especially pay attention to number three.


social media marketing 

Create A Social Media Calendar

It’s best to plan out your social media strategy. This graphic shows how a simple calendar can organize your posts, and help you put together a winning strategy.

social media calendar

How Men and Women Use Social Media Differently

Men and women are totally different when it comes to why they use social media. This graphic takes a fun look at how both genders interact online, and what they expect out of their communications.

how men and women use social media


56 Best Social Media Tools

Don’t know what tools to use to manage your social campaign? Here’s a large list of 56 tools that businesses of any size can benefit from. Some are free, so this works well for the solopreneur or startups on a tight budget.

56 social media tools

Create the Perfect Social Post

Creating the perfect social media post is a science. Quick Sprout covers that science in detail with this graphic. It’s a cheat sheet that can go a long way whether you’re starting out, or already running several campaigns.


Social Media Posting Tactics

Sometimes, your social media marketing strategy needs a bit of tweaking. Here are some helpful tactics that can enhance your campaign,  and enable you to gain a following that’s much more engaged than your current one.

social media posting tactics


Social Media Image Sizes

Images are a hit on social media, and creating them in the proper dimensions could mean the difference between getting likes and shares, or sitting quietly alone in the corner. This is infographic is a must view for anyone who markets their business online.

social media image sizes


Viral Share Secret Formula

It’s every business owner’s dream for their post to go viral, but what does that entail? This piece covers the basic elements of a viral post in detail.

social media viral share


Impressive Social Media Stats

If you’re not convinced that social media is a powerful tool for your business, then you definitely need to view this infographic. It covers some interesting stats that will make you change your mind.

social media 2014
by Digital Insights


Social Media in Emergencies

Social media isn’t just for sharing cute pictures of cats and babies. It most certainly comes in handy during an emergency. This talks about how social platforms are used during a crisis.

social media marketing emergency


History of Social Media

A brief, yet interesting history of social media.

history of social media


How the World Uses Social Media

Everyone spends their time online differently. This infographic takes a look at the social activities of users.

social media online

The Rise of Twitter and Facebook

How did Twitter and Facebook get to be the behemoths they are today? Here’s a growth comparison between the two; beneficial for anyone who even casually uses the platforms.

facebook twitter stats



Facebook Stats

You probably use Facebook everyday and don’t know these stats. Be sure to share them when you’re finished reading.

facebook facts


LinkedIn Engagement

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for B2B marketers, yet many businesses don’t use it at all. This graphic covers getting the best out of LinkedIn and increasing your engagement.

linkedin engagement



Social Media and the Real Estate Industry

Real estate agencies can benefit greatly from using social media. Here’s how the industry currenly uses these platforms.

social media real estate


Facebook Relationships

What happens when you mix relationships with Facebook? Here’s an entertaining look at how Facebook affects your relationship. Any truth in this for you?

facebook relationships


Ideal Length for Social Media Posts

Ever wonder how some companies just seem to have the right amount of information in each social post? Well, it’s a science. This piece covers it in detail. Read and learn.

social media length


Science of Social Timing

Social timing is everything, especially when you have a business to run. Use this graphic to learn how posting at the right times can help boost your post views, and perhap your followers.

social media timing


Creating Visual Social Media Content

Visuals are just as important as text on social media. Here’s another awesome piece on how to create stunnung social graphics that attract more likes and shares.

visual content



Optimal Social Media Posting Times

If you plan to be successful with social media, you definitely need to know the optimal posting times. This infographic has got you covered.

best time to post on social media

Hidden Social Media Features

So, you think you’re a social media power user? Test your skills with this infographic that reveals some pretty neat hidden features. Which ones weren’t you aware of?


Social Media by Demographic

You can’t use the exact same posts for each social network and expect to see results. This handy graphic reminds you that each platform is different, and teaches you how to uniquely interact with them.

social media preferences


Evolution of Social Media

Ever wondered how all this social media stuff got started anyway? Here’s a cool graphic that highlights the humble beginnings.

history of social media

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