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10 Examples Of Effective Video Marketing

August 11, 2015

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Video marketing is effective, regardless as to what type of business you operate. Both animated pieces and live action productions attract views and interest, and the type of video you produce varies according to your company, and the message you want to deliver. Let’s look at some video marketing examples across several facets of business to get an idea of how you can implement this into your marketing strategy.


Smart RX Systems
One minute and fifty seconds is all it took for this pharmacy group to show how they are a few steps ahead of their competitors. It’s short and sweet, and highlights the important features of their proprietary software program that makes them unique. It’s an engaging piece, and a great example of how healthcare companies can utilize video marketing.

Olympus Medical and Dental Management
This short video is aimed at doctors and healthcare facilities that need help managing their Accounts Receivables (AR) and insurance denials. The production is successful in showing how they are able to help, and why they’re the best choice for managing this area of a practice. Interesting way to highlight an otherwise mundane service offering.


Many start up Software as a Service (SaaS) companies launch their products with explainer videos like this one by Freshbooks. Video marketing for these types of companies is a great way to highlight the benefits of the product and engage potential customers. It’s brief and to-the-point, which also makes it effective for people with short attention spans.


Wendy’s Micro Content
This 15 second spot is just enough to spark the viewer’s interest. It’s not too long, and draws interest because it’s shot from the viewpoint of the consumer. This is an excellent example of how such a short piece can deliver a large amount of interest. Since its release in April 2015, its received over 800,000 views on YouTube.


Whitehorsrse City Council
Who gets excited about a city council meeting? You will after you watch this video. This is a creative way to showcase an event that many people would find uninteresting. It’s short, and gives the viewer a feeling that something exciting will happen at the meeting. Now, whether or not the council delivers on this assumption is a different story. Cool video for sparking interest though.

Real Estate Agencies

Stockworth Realty Group Million Dollar Homes
Stockworth Realty does a great job of featuring a very expensive home for sale. It’s a well-produced piece that highlights the home’s best features. This type of video is an effective way to engage homebuyers, and draw attention to properties that may not be getting as much attention. A good example of how real estate companies can utilize video marketing.

Walker Weir Property Management
Here is another real estate video marketing sample piece. This animated production features the services offerings of a property management company. It explains the benefits of using their service, and is clearly targeted to real estate investors. Interesting way to approach the property management business.

Financial Institutions

Vibrant Credit Union
This short but fun production appeals to the lighter side of customers by focusing not on the credit union’s services, but on the cheerful personalities of its employees. It’s a great attempt to set themselves aside from the competition say “Hey, we’re fun people, and we promise to take care of you”. That type of message is always well received.

Vistarra Credit Union
Quite a convincing piece, this one is educational and entertaining. It explains how an ITM machine is better than an ATM machine. It’s probably a question that they often get from customers, and decided to address the issue with a video. This is a clever way to answer customer questions. How could you implement this type of video into your marketing strategy? Think FAQs.


Easter Seals
Here’s a fun example of how a nonprofit that deals with serious issues can add a bit of humor to their video marketing campaign. Watch as Easter Seals addresses adjustment problems among veterans in a lighthearted manner. It’s both entertaining and informative.


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